Multi Directional Outlet (MDO) - 30cm x 30cm - Style S

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Key features
Neck Size 300mm x 300mm
Face Size 353mm x 353mm
Material ABS moulded plastic
Colours available White
Adjustable Yes
Mounting Spring loaded clips moulded into neck
Duct adaptor sizes available ⌀20cm
⌀20cm + Damper
⌀25cm + Damper
⌀20cm Side entry
Suitable for Reverse cycle ducted, Gas ducted heating
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Product Description

Multi Directional Outlet (MDO) - 30cm x 30cm - Style S

The humble Multi Directional Outlet (MDO) has become a favourite choice for professional installers and DIYers throughout Melbourne. Developed to provide maximum unobstructed air flow, this square outlet is a versatile and stylish option. Coming in a wide variety of styles and sizes making it suitable for a number of different domestic HVAC applications including evaporative and refrigerated ducted systems.

The MDO’s fully adjustable blades allow airflow to be adjusted from fully open to fully closed with less noise and lower air resistance than conventional outlets. Even when fully open, the louvers are designed to hold position even under high air flows. With all blades operating in unison and adjustable airflow grilles this is a ceiling diffuser that can direct air flow for complete control.  

With a variety of contemporary styling features such as rounded edges, low profile louvres for a sleek unobtrusive appearance and a lightly etched finish to reduce reflection, these grilles will complement almost any decor.

Manufactured from high impact grade plastic, these grilles will not fade, chip or corrode. Developed with the installer in mind, the mounting system works on the widest range of plaster, even 20 mm double panel, and provides a securer fit to minimise gaps on uneven surfaces making it simple to operate and easy to install.

It is important to make sure you have the correctly matched neck adaptor to suit this particular grille. The Neck adaptor is the component which connects the flexible duct work in the ceiling securely to the grille. When adding this product to your cart, you can pick the neck adaptor which you need for your particular application.

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Item # Description Face Size 
A x B (mm/inch)
Neck Size
C x D (mm/inch)
E-MDO2323S MDO style S | 23cm x 23cm 283x283 / 11x11  230x230 / 9x9
E-MDO3030S MDO style S | 30cm x 30cm 353x353 / 14 x14 300x300 / 12x12
E-MDO3535S MDO style S | 35cm x 35cm 408x408 / 16x16 350x350 / 14x14
E-MDO4040S MDO style S | 40cm x 40cm 456x456 / 18x18 400x400 / 16x16