MDO duct adaptor - 23cm x 23cm - side entry

The Melbourne Vent Company

SKU: E-PNA2323-SE15D

Key features
Neck Size  230mm x 230mm
Spigot Sizes ⌀15cm + Damper (side entry)
⌀20cm (side entry)
Material ABS moulded plastic
Colours available Black
Adjustable Adaptors with butterfly dampers
Mounting Clips directly onto ceiling air vent
Suits following grilles MDO 23cm x 23cm style S
MDO 23cm x 23cm style X
Bevel face diffuser 23cm x 23cm 


Product Description

MDO duct adaptor - 23cm x 23cm - side entry

Duct neck adaptors are simply the intermediate component used for connecting the flexible ductwork to a vent. These side entry adaptors are great when space is limited directly above the grille.

Made from A.B.S. plastic, the black adaptor will clip on and attach securely onto the back of a square vent. The ductwork is then attached onto the cylindrical/elliptical spigot and fixed in place with either duct tape or large zip ties.

Once duct and vent have been joined to the adaptor there should be no air leakage either point of connection. If there does appear to be air leakage, it has likely been installed incorrectly and should be reconnected.

Neck adaptors are also available with butterfly dampers on certain sizes, allowing for air flow adjustment and balancing purposes. Please note: not all size duct adaptors are available with this option.

Only certain size combinations exist for specific vents so it is important, when considering new or replacement vents, to take note of size the ductwork to be used for the grille. Please feel free to email us at if you need help sizing your vents. 

If you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to contact us here or email directly to