Haier Hi Wall Split System - 2.7kw - Premier Series


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Key features

Haier Premier Series 2.7kw Hi Wall Split System Air Conditioner

Designed with you in mind - Offering the ultimate in convenience, health and comfort to suit any room,  Haier's Premier Series hi wall split systems air conditioning units are quiet, efficient and reliable, styled to fit comfortably in both contemporary and traditional homes.

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  • 5 Year Parts and Labour Warranty 
  • 24/7 Customer Care with all Haier appliances
  • 3D Airflow
  • Blue Fin Coils
  • Child Lock 
  • Demand Response Ready
  • Exquisite filter 
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • Long Distance air supply 12 m
  • Nano Aqua
  • Quiet Mode 
  • Star Rating - Cooling 4.0
  • Star Rating - Heating 4.5

The innovative design of Haier Hi-Wall Split System Air Conditioners allows super quiet operation and increased airflow for maximum comfort.

Super Quiet:
Innovative design enables super quiet operation as low as 22dB(A) while using the optimised airflow system with cross flow fan design.
Sleep Mode:
Haier Hi-Wall Split System Air Conditioners have a special program designed to ensure the utmost comfort and energy saving during your good night’s sleep.
Intelligent Air:
The twin outlet blades design means you can select the direction in which the air flows out of the air conditioner.
Long Distance Air Supply:
Enjoy the perfect temperature in your largest room with the 7.1Kw model, which has a specially designed cross flow fan and optimised air duct, allowing cool or warm air to reach as far as 15 metres.
3D Airflow:
Horizontal and vertical blade movement allows air flow upwards, downwards, left and right – reaching every corner of the room.

Haier’s Hi-Wall Split System Air Conditioners have filters designed to remove impurities from the air.
Nano Aqua Technology:
Nano Aqua technology ionises the water molecules, killing bacteria by changing the molecular structure while alleviating dryness in the atmosphere.
Evaporator Self-cleaning:
The auto cleaning function reduces the need to clean as often, keeping the heat exchanger clean from mould, bacteria and dust, leaving the unit odour free.
Exquisite Filter (Optional):
The ultra-fine filter optimises the filtering effect, helping to reduce dust and allergens from the air.
Multi-layers Filter:
An optional multi-layered filter system helps reduce bacteria and mould as well as odours and some
air borne chemicals.
Photocatalyst filter (optional) eliminates a variety of odours such as chemicals and cigarette smoke. Exposing the filter to sunlight will regenerate the deodorising effect.
Activated Carbon can help to remove the benzene, radon, TVOC and other particles from the air which can be harmful to the human body.
Vitamin C layer (optional) releases vitamin C to the air

The desired temperature is reached quickly and efficiently and then stabilised for ultimate comfort with Haier’s A-PAM DC inverter technology.
A-PAM DC Inverter Control:
A-PAM control technology allows Haier DC Inverter Air Conditioning to work stably at low frequency and with greater power at high frequency while allowing energy–saving and quiet operation, compared with non inverter models.
Comparison with Non-inverter Technology
Quick Comfort:
Inverter air conditioners supply the exact power needed to reach the set temperature in around half the time required by conventional models, cooling or heating the room rapidly.
Stable Temperature Operation:
Inverter units can quickly and efficiently adjust and maintain the operating temperatures within the ‘Comfort Zone’ eliminating temperature fluctuations associated with traditional on/off units.
Low Watts:
High efficiency low watt compressors and optimised condensing system mean the power input of low watt models is reduced to 40% less than that of standard models. The rated power input is even lower than that of an electric oven.
Low Voltage:
The Haier low voltage series has an optimised compressor with maximised torque that will keep running even with voltage as low as 175V.
The Turbo function saves time in reaching the set temperature with the high frequency programme setting.

High quality components
Haier Air Conditioners use high quality and durable components that allow efficient energy usage, generate lower noise and ensure reliable operation.
High Efficiency Compressor:
Power input is maximised and electrical loss is reduced with Haier’s high efficiency compressor.
Inner Grooved Copper Pipe:
The copper pipe used in Haier Air Conditioners is grooved with inner slots to enlarge the contact area between the refrigerant gas and copper pipe. The heat exchange efficiency is increased by 30-50%.
Blue Fin Evaporator:
The Haier new generation blue aluminium fin has an anti-corrosion coating making the unit more durable, while the super hydrophilic performance enhances the heat exchanging efficiency by 40%, saving energy, compared to non Blue Fin Evaporator models.
Testing Labs:
Haier has more than 70 laboratories that constantly test parts and usage of their air conditioners. This includes user evaluation; all weather simulations, safety testing in a psychometric lab, performance testing, parts testing, reliability testing and transportation testing.
Quality certificates have been gained globally.


All Air Conditioners come complete with our full Haier 5 year warranty


All Air Conditioners come complete with our full Haier 5 year warranty All Air Conditioners utilise the most advanced technology.

Manufacturer  Haier
Series Premier
Model HSU-26HNH03/R2(DB)
Cooling Heating
Capacity (kw) (Range) 2.7 (1.1 ~ 3.5) 3.5 (1.3 ~ 4.4)
Capacity (BTU) 9350 12100
Power input (kw)  (Range) 0.62 (0.28 ~ 1.15) 0.75 (0.29 ~ 1.2)
Star rating (MEPS) Cooling 4.0 4.5
Maximum Current (A) Cooling 5.7 5.8
Air Circulation H/M/L (L/s) 190 / 160 / 130 195 / 165 / 135
Power Supply (V,Ph,Hz) 220-240 / 1 / 50
Moisture Removal (L/Hr) 1.2
Refrigerant Type R410A
Pipe size (mm/inch) 6.35&9.52 / 1/4&3/8
Pipe Length (m) (Min/Max) 1.5 / 15
Precharged Length (m) 7
Additional Refrigerant (Gm/m) 20
Max height difference 10
Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit
Model Number AS26NC2HRA(NH) 1U26QE4ERA
SKU Number 51210 51212
Net Dimension (W/D/H) 900 x 210 x 310 780 x 290 x 597
Package Dimensions (W/D/H) 991 x 313 x 399 923 x 393 x 680
Net Weight (Kg) 11.5 35.5
Gross Weight (Kg) 14 38.5
Sound Pressure Level H/M/L/S (dBA) 48/44/40/36 NA
Sound Pressure Level (dBA) Cooling/Heating NA 49 / 51
Sound Power Level (dBA) Cooling/Heating NA 60 / 63
Operating Temperature (Min~Max) Cooling 21°C~32°C -10°C~+46°C
Operating Temperature (Min~Max) Heating 15°C~27°C -15°C~+24°C


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