Classic round ceiling vent ⌀200mm

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Classic round ceiling vent 200mm

Key features

Neck Size

⌀150mm (How to measure neck Size)

Face Size

⌀240mm (How to measure face Size)


ABS moulded plastic

Colours available





Spring loaded clips moulded into neck

Duct adaptor sizes available

No separate adaptor required, adaptor moulded into vent.

Suitable for

Reverse cycle ducted, Gas ducted heating



Product Description

Heated air being supplied though conventional ceiling vents (such as MDOs) won’t reach the floor before losing temperature and cooling off. For this reason, the classic round ceiling vent range has been designed to channel air directly downwards in a column of heated air. The benefits of this jet of air means warm air will reach the floor while still warm. Additionally by creating natural convention currents, draws down any warm air from the ceiling towards the floor warming an area more efficiently. Furthermore this style is well suited for high ceiling and stairwells where it is necessary to push air over a longer distance.

Made from high quality A.B.S plastic, easy to clean and is finished in a textured non-reflective surface which suits most home colour schemes.

Simple to install into most plaster ceilings (up to 20mm thick), spring loaded clips hold the grille firmly into place without the need for additional fixings or screws. Once in place they are flush mounted with no gaps to the ceiling. And as an added bonus, as there is no aligning straight edges with walls, round vents are always easier to fit than square!

Incrementally adjustable for complete control, the airflow can be increased, decreased or shut off completely by turning the centre knob.

With the duct adaptor being moulded into vent, there is no need for a separate part to connect your existing duct work. Just select the neck size required and install!

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Item # Description Face Size
Neck Size
RC15 Classic round ceiling vent 150mm ⌀240 / ⌀9 ⌀150 / ⌀6
RC20 Classic round ceiling vent ⌀200mm ⌀290 / ⌀11 ⌀200 / ⌀8
RC25 Classic round ceiling vent ⌀250mm ⌀340 / ⌀13 ⌀250 / ⌀10


Not Sure what these measurements mean? Read up on how to measure vents and grilles here: