Square ceiling vents

Bevel face diffusers

Bevel face diffuser - 23cm x 23cm  #BF23X

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Bevel face diffuser - 30cm x 30cm  #BF30X

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Bevel face diffuser - 35cm x 35cm  #BF35X

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Wall Vents

Wall vent - Plastic

Wall vent plastic 30cm x 10cm   #W3010D

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Wall vent plastic 35cm x 15cm  #W3515D

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Kick rail registers

Kick rail register 30cm x 5cm   #KR305WH


Kick rail register 35cm x 5cm  #KR355WH


Door Relief grilles

Door relief grille - 60cm x 15cm  #DG6015

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Door relief grille - 60cm x 20cm  #DG6020

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Door relief grille - 60cm x 25cm  #DG6025

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Door relief grille - 60cm x 30cm  #DG6020

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Return air grilles

Return air grille - Floor mounted with Filter - 60cm x 40cm  #RA6040FL-FL

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Round ceiling vents


Downjet (⌀15cm)  #DJet15 

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Downjet (⌀20cm)  #DJet20 

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Downjet (⌀25cm)  #DJet25 

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Custom made and special order

Custom made and special order  #MVCcustom 

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