Return air grille - Style X

Return Air Grilles are an essential component of any gas ducted or refrigerated ducted system. Return air is the air drawn back into a cooling/heating system after having been circulated from its output (ie ceiling, wall or floor vents) to supply to a room. The air is returned to the unit from the room and recirculated through the system via the return air grille.

Designed to provide efficient and unobstructed airflow back to the supply unit, the rectangular inlet comes in a variety of sizes and styles making it suitable for a number of different domestic HVAC applications. Manufactured from high quality injection moulded plastic, these grille are scratch and chip resistant and will not corrode or rust overtime. With a functional and purposeful appearance, these grilles look great installed. 

This style of return air grille comes with a return air box as standard, featuring either single or twin duct adaptors (depending on neck size of grille). Additionally there is also a filter built into the grille, so there is no need to purchase a separate optional filter.    

Alternatively we also stock a selected range of premium aluminium hinged filter eggcrate grilles, available in a variety of different sizes to suit almost any application.

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