Round Heritage Outlet

Round Heritage Outlet

Heritage Outlets are an attractive alternative to using conventional MDO’s or Downjet ceiling vents for your ducted heating or cooling system. Designed to evenly distribute air around a room while providing the flexibility of a staged airflow adjustment system.

Manufactured from high quality A.B.S plastic, Heritage Vents are easy to clean and are finished in a high gloss white surface which is chip resistant, and will not corrode or rust over time. With a pleasing appearance once installed, these grilles will look great in any room in the house.

Simple to install into most plaster ceilings (up to 20mm thick), spring loaded clips hold the grille firmly into place without the need for additional fixings or screws. Once in place they are flush mounted with no gaps to the ceiling. And as an added bonus, as there is no aligning straight edges with walls, round vents are always easier to fit than square!

Incrementally adjustable for complete control using a three stage system of adjustment, airflow can be changed from fully closed through partially open to fully open. This allows for greater flexibility so any airflow requirements can be tailored for a variety of applications.

With the duct adaptor being moulded into vent, there is no need for a separate part to connect your existing duct work. Just select the neck size required and install!

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