Ceiling vents clips (pack of 4) - Plastic JT range

The Melbourne Vent Company

Qty Price
1 $4.85
3 $4.61
10 $4.37
15 $4.12
20 $3.88

Key features
Material ABS moulded plastic
Colours available White
To suit grilles MDO JT range (coming Dec 2017)
Clips per pack 4



MDO Ceiling vents clips

With age, the plastic clips holding a ceiling vent in place will become brittle and most likely break when moved; this causes the grille to sag down from the ceiling leaving noticeable gaps to the plaster. By replacing the clips the ceiling vent will be held firmly in place against the ceiling as was originally intended, providing a securer fit and minimising gaps on uneven surfaces. 

Manufactured from high quality polymer, these plastic clips are designed to push through existing openings of the JT range of MDO's and thread through clip holes in the neck of the vent. This will ‘sandwich’ the vent into place holding it firm against the plaster and will also work for plaster ceilings up to 20mm thick. 

Take special not of which manufacturer of grilles you have as each have their own style and fixing systems. If you are unsure which clips will suit your vents please feel free to contact us here or email directly to info@vents.melbourne