New product range on sale-Haier Hi-Wall Split System Air Conditioners

New product range on sale: Haier Hi-Wall Split System Air Conditioners

Hello Melbourne!

What a week to be Victorian! Can you believe it the footy is back and F1 is in town for another year!

But even more exciting is the news that The Melbourne Vent Company are now offering Haier split system Air Conditioners online! Haier split systems are high quality, technically advanced and reasonably priced so it is a no brainer why we have chosen to start selling them on the web site.

And as an added bonus as we are still offering free delivery on orders over $100, that means when you buy any Haier split system the delivery is free to any metro Melbourne address! Not too shabby at all!

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But we felt it was important that seeing we were going to start selling Haier products we should take a look at them in a little bit more detail. After all, while they are a massive overseas they are only just emerging onto the Australian market. So for everyone reading this now going “who the flip is Haier?” we’ve put together this little post about them:   

The Company

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Haier is one of world’s leading consumer electronics and home appliances manufacturers based in Qingdao, Shandong province, China. They design, develop and produce a vast variety of home appliances including televisions, washing machines, computers, refrigerators, mobile phones and of course air conditioners.

Now more than ever, Haier is making its presence known in the Australian HVAC market as one of the fastest growing names in air condition. With an extensive domestic and commercial range with features, specifications and performance that reflects contemporary customer demands.  

With over 80,000 employees across 30 countries, scores of engineers and industrial designers at the companies dedicated design centre in Qingdao, it’s no wonder they have the capacity to produce over 19 million air conditioning units each year! This enormous production volume is just part of the reason why the company has become the number one supplier of white goods and major appliances in the world for consecutive years, accounting for approximately 10% all retail volume.

Brief History

The Haier brand as we know it today has come a long way over the years, from its roots in the early part of the 20th century to being officially founded in 1984 and though to the collective multinational consumer electronics company it has become today.

Haier had its origins in the 1920’s as a refrigerator factory manufacturing and supplying appliances to the Chinese domestic market. In 1949, coinciding with the establishment of the People's Republic of China, control of the operation was eventually taken over and the business was turned into a state-owned enterprise.

With the opening of the Chinese economy in the 80’s to international markets, this allowed the leading German appliance maker, Liebherr, to establish a partnership with the Chinese manufacturer in 1984. The Germans brought their knowledge, technology and equipment to share with its oriental counterpart, with appliances being manufactured under the name of Qingdao-Liebherr. This joint venture, officially known as the Qingdao Refrigerator Co, was subsequently renamed Qingdao Haier Group in 1991 and them simplified further the following year to Haier Group, which remains the company’s current name.

New Zealand appliance manufacturing company Fisher & Paykel was snapped up by the company in 2012. This partnership allowed for Haier-manufactured HVAC products to be supported by Fisher & Paykel’s extensive service network in the Australia. As part of this corporation, Haier acquired the Fisher & Paykel research and development centres in New Zealand where the Fisher & Paykel engineers and designers now work as part of the Haier Group

Haier is busy expanding itself yet again and in 2016 acquired General Electric's appliance division, adding yet another branch to the company’s already impressive list of partners.

The Range

The current Haier domestic range includes Hi-Wall Split System range, medium and high-static ducted, multi-head and cassettes. All Haier splits Feature an inbuilt self cleaning system, Multi layer filters to reduce bacteria and odours, DC inverter technology with high efficiency compressor, Blue fin anti corrosion coating for durability and long life PCB boards.  

The Hi-Wall Split range is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, Offered through Fisher & Paykel, of up to five years and in Australia 24/7 customer services and support through the Fisher & Paykel customer service network.

Haiers range of splits meet differing customer requirements. The Classic series is a great bang for your buck product offering exceptional value for money; Premier series delivers high performance and the Elite Series for the luxurious modern appearance.

The Classic range is the entry level series of basic air conditioner for those who just need basic air conditioning system at a reasonable price. This series have all the standard Haier features as expected without the price tag.  

The Premier series the next step up from the classic series. With an air purifying system integrating ionizer, multi layer filters and nono aqua technology - which ionizes water molecules and alleviates dryness in the atmosphere -this series is suited to customers in dryer climates (ie Australia) designed to reduce dryness in the atmosphere.

Premiers also feature Haier's 3D airflow system which creates horizontal and vertical blade movement to ensure conditioned air reaches all areas of a room.

Finally, the top of the range Elite series offers all the technical advantages that you get from the Premier series but finished in luxurious contemporary styling and built in temp display.

Along with its domestic range of Hi-Wall Split Systems, Haier offers an extensive collection of commercial and industrial products bringing a comprehensive air conditioning solution to the Australian HVAC market - We will touch on Haiers commercial range in a future blog post.

Currently we have only listed the Premier series of split systems on the web site, but if you would like either of the classic or elite range please feel free to get in touch with the Melbourne Vent Company ( and we will specially organise this for you!

If you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to contact us here or email directly to

Until next time stay safe!

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