Melb. Vent Co. News - August 2017

Hello again everyone out their in internet land!

We just thought that'd I'd be nice to give a bit of an update as to the latest happenings from the team here at the Melbourne Vent Company! We aim to make this monthly newsletter a regular occurrence of the blog, and will feature changes and updates which have been introduced over the past 4 weeks, projects in development and new products in the pipe line!

For our first monthly news feature we are wanting to share these stories:

New Images for the round ceiling vent collection:

After much effort (and stuffing around ) we have finally updated the product images for all sizes of Downjet and Heritage outlets which had been lacking for many months. Pleased to say the final result for the updated product images are pleasing and show a greater amount of detail than was previously published on these respective pages. 


This brings all round ceiling vents into line with our standard for product image quality and now matches those which had been featured on Round Ceiling Diffuser style of circular ceiling vents.

We are currently in the process of systematically updating all images across the site with the aim to provide a maximum level of detail from all views to ensure that you, the perspective buyer, know what you are purchasing.

We'd Love to know what you think of these new product pictures! If you have any suggestions, criticisms or comments please feel free to comment below or to contact us via email!

Lower pricing now fixed!

As new financial year promotion we ran various specials on a wide variety of products across the range including plastic vent clips, Aluminium Return Air Grilles  and Floor vents.

From the hugely positive response and feedback we have been receiving from our customers we have decided to lock these prices into place for the foreseeable future! This is our way of saying thank you to all our awesome customers for making a great start to the new year.

Thats all for now, make sure to keep up to date with the latest news from the MVC team by following us on our Facebook and Instagram pages and as always feel free to get in touch via email at  

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